4 New Ways to Help Analyze Talent Pools

If you’ve watched TV shows like “Criminal Minds,” you’ve seen FBI agents analyzing crime scenes, searching numerous government databases and interviewing both suspects and witnesses to solve a case.

How Social Recruiting Helps Target Quality Talent

Chances are that your company is turning to social media more and more to recruit the talent it needs. That’s not surprising. In 2013, according to recruiting professionals surveyed by Bullhorn, social media ranked third as the most successful source of qualified candidates behind existing candidates from applicant tracking systems and referrals from previous successful placements.

5 Things Recruiters Notice First On Your Resume

Recruiters skim resumes in seconds and still glean enough information to decide on a candidate. I have found this to be true across industries, positions and levels. I have recruited for a variety of industries (financial services, management consulting, tech, media, non-profit), positions (client-facing, administrative, strategy, creative) and levels (unpaid interns thru multiple six-figure hires), and my recruiting colleagues and I always skim. With multiple jobs open at any one time and hundreds of resumes to review, it’s simple math that each resume gets seconds of attention. Here are five items on your resume that recruiters notice first:

Top Free and Open Source Applicant Tracking System For Your Business

Scouting for best talent. That is a challenge every other business has to grapple with. While there is a pool of ‘competent’ candidates for each job posting, very few can successfully handle the job at hand. That adds to the bulk of work recruiters need to handle during the screening process. Finding the best candidates becomes a nightmare. That is why recruiters are turning to Applicant Tracking System in droves.

Stumped by a Job Interview Question? Here’s What to Do.

You can prepare for an interview day and night and still get stumped by a question during the interview process.  That’s okay, you are not alone it happens to many prepare and qualified individuals. There are some questions that you just are not prepared for and they seem to come out of left field. There may be times the answer seems to run out of your head and some – you really aren’t sure what to say.  Here is a short rundown of ways you can successfully handle these three situations.

The 3 Steps of Candidate Attraction

Imagine you own a retail store located well off the main road.  Very few people drive by and as a result, you’re not selling much.  You think if the store was more inviting, more customers would come.  So you spend six figures on new shelving, better lighting and even hire a consultant to advise on traffic flow.

6 Resume Miscues to Avoid

Over the years of building and leading development teams, I have had a hand in hiring hundreds of developers, PMs, BAs and consultants.  As such, I have certainly seen my fair share of resumes; both good and bad.  Over the years I have come across some weird ones that stood out for all the wrong reasons.

Show Applicants You Care by Telling Them These 6 Things

As any recruiter knows, a lot of the job is coordination. Scheduling interviews. Meeting with hiring managers. Entering information into the ATS.

All of those little tasks, all of those practicalities can push back the bigger picture: You are dealing with candidates who are in the midst of life-altering decisions, most of whom are generally nervous and eager to make a good impression. It’s a crowd that’s vulnerable, but also motivated to show as little of that vulnerability as possible.

Is technology replacing recruiters?

I love technology. I enjoy nothing more than trying out the latest app or discovering something new I can do with my programs that will positively impact my work (and make me look like the genius who came up with the original idea).

Having said all this, my experience of working in the recruitment market has taught me that not one piece of technology can replace the people that make recruitment work!

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