8 Spirit Animals for Leadership in Human Resources Management

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8 Spirit Animals for Leadership in Human Resources Management

As humans, our brains are the most developed of all living species, yet when you reflect on the animal kingdom’s display of leadership skills, there’s no end to wonder. Each of these species has unique attributes and leadership qualities essential to leadership in human resources management. 

If you pay close attention to the habits of some animals with a pre-existing attitude to absorb new learning, you’ll see that leadership traits and practices are not unique to us but to the animal world as well. In fact, we often identify and query about spirit animals, don’t we?

So, without much ado, let’s check out the animals we’ve studied to draw from their inspirational leadership qualities.

What can Leadership in Human Resources Learn from Chimpanzees?


Chimpanzees are great leaders. The alpha males possess leadership qualities like generosity, peacekeeping, and empathy. According to Chimpanzees, they love building communities; although they use complex leadership techniques, their primacy maintains social harmony among the alliances or groups. 

As you train in leadership qualities, prioritizing community building is one of our recommendations. Chimpanzees are also extremely good at conflict management. Before the lead makes any decision, they first console the group members to have an exceptional support system when there is an altercation.

What can Leadership in Human Resources Learn from Sharks?


Sharks are mostly peaceful and introverted. The most interesting fact about shark-behaviour is that they are terrific listeners; they can read the body language of other sharks. They reflect more on information and react less, which makes them tolerate uncertainty, and develop resilience. 

Learning from a shark is not how it tears its prey but its social intelligence and promising leadership that you can take to corporate training rooms. As an aspiring leader in your domain, to look up to a shark as your spirit animal would mean to embody an inspiring leadership presence.

What can Leadership in Human Resources Learn from Leopards?


The leopards are agile animals known for their flexibility to adapt to dynamic environments. They are often despised because of their cunning ferocity; they are on stealth and always at heels to attack a prey. On a jungle safari, at one moment, you may not see one in the vicinity, and as you turn around, you notice its piercing glares.

So, what does it conclude about a leopard’s leadership skills? In your professional career, technical skills are one ability. But for actual growth, you need to develop the power to influence by harnessing agility to work with professionals of various mindsets in various organizational structures. As you ace on adaptability, you achieve better success.  

What can Leadership in Human Resources Learn from the Geese?


Geese are very supportive of each other, and they always operate in a group. They fly in formation to reach their destination. And when one goose falls behind, the team honks from behind as cheerleaders to boost some motivation. The other thing about geese is that they share leadership. 

Like the geese, consider sharing opportunities with your peers. Sharing opportunities with your team as a leader or a team member help you develop your soft skills, people-aptitude, and strategic delegation based on merit-match. When people see you as a supportive and encouraging leader, you impact performance and elicit respect.

Do Wolves have any Leadership Quality to Inspire HR Management?

Task Management.

Wolves have the most effective ways of getting things done by sharing the workload. When the work is shared and evenly delegated, there is no compromise on any performance-output. Much like the geese, wolf leadership can be praised for teamwork.

In the corporate world, communication and teamwork play a pivotal role. Teams that work together know their collective responsibilities and communicate effectively; they can tackle challenges and thrive in any competitive market, which is impossible when one’s leadership operates silos.

What can Management Leadership Learn from Ants?


Ants are very much aware that their existence depends on strategic planning and detailed execution. They may be small and weak, but they are the most diligent creatures one can ever find on planet earth. Popularly, they are industrious and meticulous, never missing the sight of their goals. 

As a professional, will it hurt if you have to nurture an ant-mindset that’s determined, diligent, and always stay on focus? Because if you are a person who appreciates by value and not the size, ants are the ones with an all-season winning mindset that never quits. Now, if an ant is your spirit animal, you cannot quit.

What’s an Eagle’s Leadership Quality?


Eagles are visionary. There are countless qualities to rave about an eagle, but the most outstanding one, which is very relevant to human leadership, is their choice to feed on the fresh than dead carcass. To feed an eagle, you need to serve them live.

So, can we compare an eagle’s primal instincts to the more sober humans? Yes. Your leadership, like that eagle, should not rest on past glories. Leaders are people of the present, so their achievements concern what’s happening now. Even to earn the leader’s attention, you got to be present and take action now.

A Crow’s Point-of-View on Human Resources Management!


In Asian countries, people associate crows with mean spirits. In western countries, people dread crows as a precursor to some apocalypse. People who dread the crow may have overlooked a crow’s leadership in showing up. It is regular and punctual in turning up for its food at the source.

Punctuality means a lot in business. Whether you are a creative provider or technical, whether you are starting off or on your way to call for retirement, punctuality cannot be traded for anything. Even if you are sick, you have to be punctual for your doctor’s visit, check-up, and medicine. Not only in human resources management, punctuality is valued across professional practices, and without it, one is simply forgotten.


In summary, animal leadership has a lot to offer to professional leadership in human resources management. You need all the afore-discussed leadership qualities to succeed in real life, whether you are an independent professional or an organization executive. The smart thing would be to leverage our discern and discard the negative qualities. There is no pride in identifying with how a wold tears it all apart. 

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