How to Identify Supply and Demand Zones

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We have the first leg downwards and then the market completely dies down. We have a few consolidation candles and then you have this huge breakout candle, engulfs the previous one, two, how to identify supply and demand zones three, four, five, six, seven candles with a huge candlestick. So clearly this is showing you that something must have happened in this area to cause the price to really dump like this.

They would only bring it back the first time if they knew enough orders were free to get their remaining positions placed. In my experience, 15 – 20 pips should be sufficient for most zones. Just when it looked like price was about to reverse from this zone, price spiked through the upper edge. In that case, you’ll find that most experts claim that old zones have an equal chance of success as new zones. Price blasts through zones frequently, usually without stopping.

  1. Forex trading involves analyzing various indicators and patterns on charts to make informed trading decisions.
  2. To get the best trading results, we need to ignore the weak signals and take the strong ones.
  3. By identifying which phase a market is in, a trader can make more informed decisions about when to buy or sell an asset.
  4. The Chaikin Money Flow (CMF) is a technical indicator that combines price and volume data to assess a market’s buying and selling pressure over a specified period.
  5. Navigating the markets with a supply and demand trading strategy requires the right tools and techniques.

You can see how fast the price is moving once it reaches one of those levels. Let’s give another example of supply and demand, so it can become more clear to you. When the demand for any currency increases relative to its supply, its value typically rises in the FX market.

Support and Resistance Levels vs. Zones

On the other hand, a demand zone is where the demand for a cryptocurrency exceeds the supply; demand is high; the price is rising; and a price chart will show an uptrend. An influx of buyers usually drives up prices, while a surge in sellers tends to push prices lower. Supply-and-demand cryptocurrency trading strategies aim to exploit periods of excess supply or excess demand. Cryptocurrency traders want to buy when prices are low (excess supply) and sell when prices are high (excess demand). Traders often find Supply and Demand zones less risky and more forgiving, as they offer an area for potential market reversal rather than an exact price point.

Trend direction

As a result, we were able to take two profitable sell entries from this supply zone. Let’s go through the process for correctly identifying supply and demand zones. In trading terms, a base is typically another way of referring to a bottom. But in the context of supply and demand, a base means a small series of candles (typically less than 10) in a tight consolidation. Let’s elaborate on Step 5, which concerns how to draw supply and demand zones. A supply zone is established when the market is poised for a downtrend, meaning there’s an excess of goods or securities available and prices are set to decrease.

How To Make $100 In Binomo With Bearish Harami Candlestick Pattern

In economics and finance, demand is defined as a scenario when more people wish to purchase a specific good. Now, if the supply is limited, the price of a good will increase. But, on the other hand, when there is too much supply of a particular good, and not many people are keen to purchase it, the price of a good will decline.

For a demand zone to be validated, we will need to meet 3 criteria, also known as the triple S (BBB). This is the final confirmation that you’ll get before establishing the supply zone. Once you tick all of these three criteria, then your supply zone is established. For a supply zone to be validated, we will need to meet 3 criteria, also known as the triple S (SSS). Indeed, it’s intriguing how the price didn’t adhere to the first zone but was instead drawn to the higher Supply area. Consequently, you can anticipate that if the price revisits this area, you might witness selling pressure again.

Firstly, supply and demand zones are areas where price has made a significant move either up or down. A demand zone is typically below the current price, where buyers have entered the market aggressively in the past, pushing the price upwards. Conversely, a supply zone is above the current price, where sellers have come in strong, driving the price down. Demand and supply zones in forex trading or any trading are driven by institutional traders and not by retail traders. This is because the institutions have the financial muscle and buying power to force price movements. You must identify these zones and follow the institutional traders.

Supply and Demand Guide: How to Find, Analyze, and Trade Supply and Demand Zones

This enormous scale means that significant price movements in the forex market—often represented by large candles on price charts—are typically driven by institutional players. Therefore, understanding these zones becomes especially vital for traders who want to trade the forex market effectively. Mastering how to find supply and demand zones is one of the best ways of gaining an edge in forex trading. Given the consolidation, these zones are vital price action levels from where big trends start. If it is a supply zone, the prospect of price plunging afterward is usually high as large institutions place sell orders. Similarly, if it is a demand zone, the prospect of price exploding and moving up is usually high on large institutions placing buy orders.

In over a decade of teaching Supply & Demand trading, I still see Supply and Demand zones drawn the wrong way. That’ll give you a good sense of how to draw them and what the quality zones look like. Over time your skills will improve until finding and drawing the zones will eventually become second nature. When you fail to incorporate the nearby rises or declines when drawing the zone, you end up missing trades that otherwise would have been successful. You want evidence price will reverse in the form of a pattern before entering a trade. So, the price action gives you more confirmation price will reverse.

Add a Volume Indicator and Identify Supply and Demand Zones with High Trading Volume

If the RSI indicates that the market is overbought or oversold, it could be a sign that the price is likely to reverse soon. If this aligns with a supply or demand zone, it could provide another solid signal to enter or exit a trade. Let’s say you have identified a potential supply zone for GBP/USD at a specific price level. Adding a volume indicator like the Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) to the chart lets you see if selling pressure exists. A high volume of sell orders at that price level indicates intense selling pressure and that the supply zone is valid.

These price-action candles indicate the banks are interested in making price move away. For price to reverse from the zone, it must breach the closest edge. Either by spiking through or by moving in via normal price action.

The area marked on the chart represents a zone where prices experienced a rapid decline in the past. Now, when the price breaks above a Supply zone, you can infer that the Supply at that price level has been exhausted. In forex, if a particular currency receives positive news that attracts buyers, the demand for that currency will increase. Conversely, prices tend to drop when availability is high and demand is low. Carry trade strategy example and possible risks on the FX2 Blog.

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