Health EducatorAPPLY FOR JOB

Maintain appropriate general treatment orders to be reviewed annually and approved by the team physician.
Oversees High School and Middle School sports.
Work and communicate with Health Center director and personnel.
Refers injured students to the team physician or appropriate medical facility as necessary.
Provide athletic training services for all home athletic contests and away varsity football games. If a
conflict arises between an away varsity football game and a home contest, the varsity football event will supersede.
After athletes compete, treat the minor injuries and sore muscles that follow play. (For example, pack around a player’s sore arm or shoulder, apply a moist hot pack to relieve a player’s muscle spasm, scraped knees and elbows, or wrap bandages around sprained wrists and ankles.)
Provide the coaches and athletic director with a list of athletes medically eligible to compete under District and state rules and regulations.
Evaluates athletes’ readiness to play and provide participation clearances when necessary and warranted.
Advise athletes on the proper use of equipment.
Inspect playing fields in order to locate any items that could injure players.
Confer with coaches in order to select protective equipment.
Apply protective or injury preventive devices such as tape, bandages, or braces to body parts such as
ankles, fingers.
Perform team-support duties such as running errands, maintaining equipment, and stocking supplie
Type: Contract | Location: Indianapolis, Indiana


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