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Purpose of Position/Summary:
Position works within the Department. Incumbent investigates allegations of discriminatory practices pertaining to the Civil Rights Act, gathers and analyzes documents relevant to the charge via interviews and onsite investigations, prepares a written summary of the investigation & makes recommendations as to whether there is probable cause. May occasionally testify at evidentiary and appeal hearings.
Essential Duties/Responsibilities:
• Conduct interviews of complainants, respondents, and witnesses via phone, office interview, or onsite nterview, using generally accepted investigative interviewing principles.
• Analyze gathered information including interviews, comparative information & statistical information.
• Concise written articulation of violations (or non-violations) in a case analysis that include relevant facts, interviews, observations, and conclusions gathered, using appropriate formatting as determined by supervisor.
• Carry a case load where at no time the number of "aged" cases (180+ days) can exceed 10% of an investigator's case load. Employment investigators must submit a minimum of four (4) cases per month.
• Maintain and update appropriate case file records (chronology) consistently.
• Establish effective working relationships with coworkers, clients and/ or the public by serving as a resource to educate and train others regarding Civil Rights Laws.
• Performs legal administrative support duties as required.
• Performs related duties as required
Job Requirements:
• Thorough knowledge of and ability to interpret and apply the Department, Commission rules and regulations, and court decisions falling within the area of Civil Rights (training will be provided).
• Specialized knowledge of the principles, practices, and the past and current trends of Civil Rights Field on a state and national level.
• Ability to secure and analyze data and testimony relevant to all areas covered by the Indiana Civil Rights law including employment, credit, public accommodation, and education.
• Ability to conduct difficult and involved investigations and make recommendations to the director regarding disposition.
• Ability to understand legal concepts and to relate prior decisions to specific cases.
• Ability to communicate well, both orally and in writing
• Ability to maintain confidentiality
• Working knowledge of computers and Microsoft 365.

1. Administrative agency experience
2. Legal experience, i.e., law firm, non-profit advocate group, legal department, police department, investigator/private detective.
3. Research
Technical Skills:
• Office 365
• Ability to use databases
Difficulty of Work:
Incumbent considers a wide variety of factors and variables in analyzing conflicting aspects of civil rights complaints. Judgment is utilized in the selection of appropriate laws, regulations, and court decisions in recommending the appropriate disposition of the charge. Work involves gathering and analyzing data relating to charges of violation of the Department.
Incumbent reviews each case assigned, applying standardized regulations and procedures. Any deviation from these guidelines is referred to the supervisor for a decision. Instructions are general in nature and anticipated, unusual problems are discussed. Incumbent may, in the absence of the supervisor, make timely judgments as needed. Work is reviewed for technical accuracy and adherence to instructions.
Personal Work Relationships:
Incumbent works with departmental staff, attorneys, employers, educational institutions, complainants, and witnesses in attempting to negotiate terms of settlement of cases involving alleged violations of the Department.
Type: Contract | Location: Indianapolis, Indiana


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