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An energy auditor’s main goal is to identify and prioritize opportunities for energy savings through data analysis, visual inspection, and the use of various diagnostic tools.
The auditor begins by visually inspecting the exterior of the home, looking for clues of energy waste, ventilation, or drainage problems. On the inside of the home, the auditor will look for obvious signs of air flow problems, measure insulation value in the attic, and search for any gaps within the home that could be causing drafts and air leakage. Depending on the type of audit, an auditor may also install energy saving products during his audits.
Finally, the energy auditor job includes preparing a report to explain any issues that were uncovered. The report will include recommended solutions and cost savings associated with each installed measure. This allows homeowners to prioritize repairs and upgrades. Recommendations may include attic insulation, energy efficient appliance and lighting upgrades, window retrofits, and heating and air conditioning system upgrades.
BPI certifications recommended but not required
Valid Driver’s license
Energy Efficiency Experience preferred but not required
Type: Direct Hire | Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan


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