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• Requirements gathering and prioritization discussions with stakeholders to ensure user needs are met from a data user perspective and from an ESSENCE front-end user perspective.
• Analysis of historical and current schemas to assess how best to reconcile the two schemas into one, thus allowing historical trend analyses across pre- and post-schema transition periods.
• Development of crosswalk documents to explain reconciliation work of mapping or linking across tables.
• Iterative assessments of the ESSENCE integrated data products.
• Documentation describing why specific decisions were made resulting in final data products.
• Documents and queries demonstrating the utility of the final data products.

• Expertise with SQL and either Python or R (minimum 1 year).
• Experience analyzing datasets and querying databases (minimum 2 years).

• Strong understanding of machine learning concepts and tools.
• Experience training others to use SQL, R, or Python.
• Cursory experience with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

The individual in this role will address this gap by collecting, analyzing, and displaying mental health related information for the Indiana population. Specific mental health metrics of immediate interest include:
• General mental health
• Depressive disorder
• Suicide ideation
• Diseases of despair
o Drug and alcohol overdose
o Suicide
o Alcoholic liver disease
Type: Contract | Location: Indianapolis, Indiana | Job Posted on: 25 Mar 2020


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