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The scope of the project is to provide ongoing maintenance/updates to existing applications, design, development, and implementation of an application to allow the public to apply for and renew a Chapter 493 license in a Florida tax collector office; streamline the concealed weapon application process by giving the public an option to complete the entering of their license application information online prior to going to an office and having their photograph and/or fingerprints taken, and to submit a response to an error and omission letter in the Florida tax collector offices and the nine DOL regional offices via the Concealed Weapons Intake System (CWIS) and Web Based Fast Track System (WBFT).
To accomplish the work outlined above, FDACS/DOL requires two (2) advanced level systems architects with the skills and experiences listed below. Preference will be given to candidates that have ten or more years of experience developing the custom applications. Skills and experiences will be the basis for evaluation of responses to the RFQ.
General Knowledge/Skills/Abilities
- Minimum 10 years of experience in software development and business analysis.
- Minimum 10 years of experience development in C++, VB6 and .NET environments.
- Minimum 10 years of experience Microsoft Server 2003 – 2012, Microsoft SQL server.
- Minimum 10 years of experience design and development of Web applications.
- Strong technical background.
- Problem solving skills and techniques.
- Passionate about technology.
- Excellent interpersonal skills.
Custom Knowledge/Skills/Abilities – Preference will be given to candidates with these KSA’s
- Minimum 10 years of experience with VMS operating system.
- Minimum 10 years of experience ACMS/ACMS Desktop and Oracle RDB databases.
- Minimum 10 years of experience working with DOL custom applications:
o Oracle IPM
o License Manager
o CTR Manager, AA Manager
o License Manager OCR
o Web-based Fast Track
o Concealed Weapons Intake System
o Concealed Weapons Renewal Express
- Experience developing using TruCredential Software.
Type: Contract | Location: Tallahassee, Florida


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