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Purpose of Position/Summary:
The Data Repository Exchange (DREX) database is the central repository for all electronic laboratory reports (ELR) messages that are submitted to the ISDH. Because this database feeds multiple divisions within the ISDH, it is important to ensure that there are mechanisms in place to identify data quality issues in a timely fashion and disseminate this information to the developers. The DREX/PHESS Business Analyst/Informatician is an integral part of the DREX team. This position is responsible for all communication with the ELR data providers, the Health Information Exchange systems, internal IT staff, and others.
The Public Health Emergency Surveillance System (PHESS) is a statewide database containing detailed information regarding hospital emergency department visits. The application ESSENCE is used to analyze the data collected through PHESS. The purpose of ESSENCE is to detect potential outbreaks of public health concerns and to use for active surveillance during an ongoing outbreak to identify cases of communicable diseases. This position is responsible for assisting the Syndromic Surveillance Epidemiologist and the Senior Systems Administrator in maintaining data connections for PHESS, and acting as the administrator for ESSENCE users.

The NEDSS Base System (NBS) is an integrated information system that helps local, state, and territorial public health departments manage reportable disease data and send notifiable disease data to the CDC the NBS Business Analyst/Informatician is an integral part of the communicable disease investigation team. This position is responsible for all communication with the ELR data providers, hospitals, labs, clinics, the Health Information Exchange systems, internal IT staff, and others.

Essential Duties/Responsibilities:
1. Serve as a point of contact for the electronic health records (EHR) Promoting Interoperability participants, responsible for coordination of onboarding activities and facilitating communication between management, DREX team, and Promoting Interoperability data providers.
2. Support resolving DREX and NBS helpdesk tickets
3. Assist NBS developer with .CSV file testing and onboarding
4. Performing outreach to new or existing emergency departments in Indiana that are not currently transmitting data through PHESS as required by Indiana legislation.
5. Assist the Syndromic Surveillance Epidemiologist in developing and performing district trainings to users of the ESSENCE application.
6. Assist in validation of Stage 3 Promoting Interoperability messages for syndromic surveillance and ELR and communicating success and failures back to submitters.
7. Research and resolve front-end/user and back-end/system errors and issues.
8. Coordinate with developers on system updates and modifications; test and confirm functionality.
9. Assist program areas in monitoring and analyzing their data via SQL querying and reporting.
10. Additional duties as assigned.

Job Requirements:
1. Proven analytical and SQL skills
2. Experience testing and debugging applications
3. Experience writing business requirements
4. Proven organization, communication, leadership, and problem-solving skills. (required)
5. User-level Experience with Microsoft Office Suite, including Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Access. (required)
6. Proven ability to self-manage and complete contract deliverables. (required)
7. Experience in public health or medical related industry. (preferred)
8. Experience with ESSENCE or other disease surveillance systems. (preferred)
9. Experience with development and presentation of training materials. (preferred)
Type: Contract | Location: Indianapolis, Indiana


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