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COVID-19 landed each and everyone across the world in an unprecedented crisis, and we were grappling for breath. It affected the highly skilled professionals as much as young professionals ready to kickstart their career. This impression further informs of the turbulence businesses navigated through.

Now, guess what is wild? We human beings are programmed to withstand anything by our will power and making the best use of available resources. When COVID-19 challenges us to the survival of the fittest, we see highly skilled professionals and young professionals ready to face them head-on. 

We have been at the hiring-end for over a decade, and we can tell how excited we are to see businesses rapidly adapting to the change in their hiring needs. What we always maintained in terms of desirable employment opportunities for highly skilled professionals and young professionals are now embraced by leading organizations. 

COVID-19, in a way, has validated our hiring vision for organizations where skill has become the new watchword. But has COVID-19 created an opportunity for highly skilled professionals or those young professionals who believe in constant skill development? Let’s discuss the top six areas that are rooting for highly skilled professionals and how you can fit the bill.


If you are in the recruitment industry, you realize how your poor shirt feels inside the washing machine the moment you press START. Lucky you if this is not your experience yet, but businesses worldwide are trying their best to deliver to the new recruitment trends dominating the year 2020.

Until 2019, things were well in order with legacy businesses starting to automate their recruitment processes, work on gender parity, and diversity hiring with a greater focus on employee relationship management, and pay-scale mapping.

Since COVID19 broke into our world, all that practices of 2019 have turned out to be some blowfish that need mindful cooking to make it poison (read: repercussion) free. COVID19 has turbocharged everything by tuning up the anxiety level of the world and challenging businesses to existential crises.

So, in this article, you learn about trending recruitment practices that are not likely to go out-of-focus in the near future.


Work-from-home (WFH) is the new normal for most employees, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. While it seems convenient and easy to adopt, one can get easily distracted by their children playing around, annoyed pets, or a simple doorbell. People with existing physical ailments are likely to suffer more because of this new sedentary lifestyle. Overall, WFH has both pros and cons. And in this article, we are trying to think of ideas that will offset the negative as much as possible, making WFH a more pleasant experience for rapid adjustment.

Please note that these suggestions are based on practical experiences. If there’s any health concern and think that conflicts with our advice, please consult with your physician for an alternative. Our objective is to make your work-from-home experience a great one.

As a leading recruitment agency, we often come across clients who are unsure of how to go about the right Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) partner. Yes, it is business as usual; we coach the client, present our success graph, and walk them through the hiring roadmap. We close the deal with new confidence in our clients.

In this article, we will share with you reasons why as a small business, medium, or large, you should outsource hiring to a credible RPO. Now that companies worldwide are operating digitally, finding reliable recruitment service providers isn’t a challenge. The challenge is in determining if these providers are fit for your partnership.


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