13 Fully Remote Jobs You Can Get Without a Bachelor’s Degree

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These top 8 remote positions not only offer flexibility to juggle academic responsibilities but also provide a stepping stone into the professional world. Offline and online jobs for college students also include teaching foreign languages to others. Mandarin, Spanish, and Arabic are quite popular these days, but if you know any other language, too, you can start earning today. Photography is one of the most popular remote jobs for college students and otherwise. You also do not need any equipment to get started since phones nowadays have excellent-quality cameras, and editing software is easily accessible online.

Remote graphic designers use online chats or their telephone to book customers and communicate feedback. Navigating college demands while seeking employment can be a challenging balancing act. Yet, the rise of remote work offers a flexible solution, allowing students to earn while they learn. Remote working also gives uni students the freedom to work from anywhere they want, even on their holidays, meaning they don’t have to sacrifice trips away for their summer job. This freedom is perfect for students who need money to fund their tuition fees but who still want to enjoy their summer holidays.


Provides academic instruction to students on various subjects via digital platforms. New data has shown the universities where students are most likely to earn higher salaries… Sites like Shopify, Printful, and more allow you to set the rates of your merch. The average is paid remote jobs for college students roughly £25 for a t-shirt, but these sites may take a cut via transaction fees. You need to consider shipping costs and how much you actually want to make. You’ll need to be realistic about it and consider what’s different about your merch, so that people will buy into it.

Maybe you need a tablet to speed up your workflow or a piece of software. Consider the start-up costs and if you can afford them in the long run. It might seem scary, but if you’re getting the interest, investing in what you need will eventually pay for itself in the long run.

Working From Home With Kids: Products, Tools & Advice

Embark on a creative journey, expressing your thoughts and ideas through freelance writing. Editors review written materials, ensure adherence to style guidelines, and provide constructive feedback. Editors are indispensable for any writers, book authors, website owners, marketers and anyone who does written work. Sales representative helps to contact potential customers, make cold calls, and follow up on leads to generate sales.

  • It offers a great balance, no matter how many hours you put in at your remote job each month.
  • You have no responsibilities and need no experience whatsoever.
  • You should also be highly creative and have a good grasp of the English language.
  • Some remote jobs are more flexible than others, but most of the time you can work whenever best suits you.
  • The hourly rate is simply the full-time rate divided by 40 hours per week, divided by 52 weeks in the year.

You need to know basically everything about the company and be able to communicate with customers in a friendly, understandable way. Think first about what you want to write about, and start to build a portfolio, perhaps with your own blog, or social channel first, to get you started in that sector. The additional skills outside of writing are usually a keen eye for detail and spotting errors.

What Are Jobs for College Students?

You could write for medical journals if you study medicine or science, or even become a bid writer if you study Law. Just show your writing flair and your industry knowledge, and you’ll be good to go. Society ingrains into many of us, starting at an early age, that you need a college degree to have a meaningful, lucrative career. With the advent of the tech-driven job market, there are many rewarding jobs you can get without a bachelor’s degree.

You may also need a high-quality webcam and microphone to tutor or teach English as a second language. Unlike in-person jobs, a flexible online role can work around your college courses and study schedule. Below we highlight some benefits of working remotely while in college.

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