Utility Solutions

Utility Solutions Overview

Businesses, institutions, residential agencies and organizations benefit from reducing energy consumption to improve bottom line operation costs. Skill Demand Energy provides large and small consumers with consultation services and makes recommendations regarding programs specific to their size and output capacity.

Program Design & Management

We serve as an extension of our clients’ implementation departments. Our program implementation services provide our clients with the development of, implementation of, and evaluation of the program. Skill Demand Energy can provide all pertinent services needed to implement a program: rebate processing, customer engagement, direct installation, energy audits (full BPI), call center, outreach, canvassing, quality control, etc.


Skill Demand Energy is in business because of our customers. We invest an extraordinary amount of training to ensure that every Skill Demand Energy team member, contractor and representative are experts at customer engagement. Our methods of customer engagement include outreach, canvassing, direct mail and other marketing tools. Customer engagement is what creates return customers and high satisfaction rates; we promise all of the above.


Skill Demand Energy, along with our national partners, provide energy efficient designs, direct installation, and maintenance of new construction projects. We work with developers at the blueprint stage to manage the facility after it’s constructed. Our engineers and skilled staff give us an upper hand over our competition.


We provide top-of-the-line program evaluation. Our experience has allotted us with the knowledge to identify systematic problems in programs. We provide value to our clients by not only evaluating the programs and reporting the issues, but also suggesting proven solutions. Our goal is to help our clients meet and exceed their goals; we are dedicated to ensuring this happens.


Face-to-face contact is extremely powerful. Skill Demand Energy, along with our national partners, engage with our target markets in an intimate, educational way. Our canvassing team provides desired information, sets appointments and attends events to get our customers engaged.

Lighting, Retail, and Prescriptive

We work with our clients to implement retail and lighting programs. We utilize our expert staff members as well as research of our clients’ specific target markets to ensure the highest outcomes. We provide value to our clients by imparting expert knowledge on the current energy efficient standards to ensure our clients offer the most updated and efficient rebates and incentives.

Full BPI Energy

Skill Demand Energy is a national partner with the Building Performance Institute. Our staff and field members are all BPI certified to ensure our clients are getting the most educated and experienced auditors in the field. Our auditing capabilities range from walk-through audits to full BPI certified audits. We perform energy audits in the residential, commercial, and industrial markets.


Our clients know that all programs exist as a result of customer participation. We bring expert team members and their study of human behavior to make our marketing and outreach efforts most impactful. We provide our clients with the best, proven outreach methods at the time. 


Skill Demand Energy’s home performance service is a combination of a few of our services to accurately determine the performance of a home. We complete energy audits and directly install energy efficient  products while educating the customer on best energy efficient practices. We provide initial home performance audits and additional follow-ups to ensure our clients receive the data desired.


The Skill Demand Energy information management team works diligently to ensure our clients’ programs are working properly. Our staff members design applications and software to make our clients’ programs run smoothly. We guarantee that our clients’ information is safe and protected.


Skill Demand Energy has specialization in income-qualified program implementation. There are specific best practices, rules and market knowledge that give Skill Demand Energy the upper hand over our competition. We bring this knowledge to new income-qualified programs.


We offer call center services to our clients for their various needs. In order to have a successful program, our clients need to have open communication with their participants; Skill Demand Energy provides this service. We listen to our target customers to ensure our clients a high customer satisfaction rating.


Skill Demand Energy offers excellent quality control & assurance for our clients. Skill Demand Energy is the national quality control provider partner through the Building Performance Institute (BPI) for the U.S. Department of Energy’s Home Energy Score program. Our experience and reputation speak volumes.

Marketing &

Skill Demand Energy promotes customized marketing plans for our clients. Skill Demand Energy provides our clients with a marketing strategy, material (all content desired) as well as the implementation of the marketing plan. A program is only as good as its participation; Skill Demand Energy’s marketing & communication plans provide our clients with desired participation.


Skill Demand Energy provides skilled, trained and experienced field staff for our energy efficiency programs. Our field coordination staff aid in program implementation, quality control, retail programs, etc.


Skill Demand Energy provides direct installation of energy efficient lighting and products in the residential, commercial and industrial markets. Our direct install technicians have training and experience in the field.


Skill Demand Energy provides technical support to our clients for their software and applications. Participation increases when processes are easy and we work diligently to ensure everything moves smoothly.